Foodie Trip Planner App

User Experience
About This Project

This project was from General Assembly User Experience Design Basics Bootcamp.


My personas was Tina, she is a planner and loves to plan all her trips ahead of time incase she doesn’t have wifi available. The problem was getting directions to places without wifi.


The solution I developed was an app that would allow a person to access places, transportation options and directions information anywhere. The storyboard was Tina landing at the airport and getting a text from a friend wanting her to meet at a restaurant. From there she would access the app at the airport, look up transportation options/payment, provide a QR Code for transportation access and then a map to her destination.


After conducting one round of user testing. I was able to fine tune the issue which was adjusting the alignment of the all buttons to make it more consistent throughout. After the revisions were made, I successfully designed an app that would make it easier for anyone who is a traveler that wants a go to app that can be utilized to get traveling information wifi/ or no wifi situation.